Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snacks: Cakesters.

I know it's been awhile, I seemed to have forgotten my log in information!

Anyway, yesterday I had bought Nilla Cakesters in Strawberry. I've had my eyes on this for awhile. So I finally decided to try it out today...

It looks very close to the picture, good. The Nilla was really soft and alot bigger than a normal Nilla. The cream on the inside had a hint of strawberry and a cream texture but it left the feel of butter cream on your tongue. After I had the first one, I wanted another one (good thing they come in two's) but after the second one I felt a little sick to my stomach. It might be another week before I eat another one of these. Its one of those snacks.

Another thing I got was...

I saw these at Borders a few days ago and found them at Target. I love ALL things Hazelnut (which is sorta funny since its my name, at my previous job everyone called me Hazelnut). By the time I opened this up, the chocolate was a little melted (the bay area didnt get the memo that its now FALL). The chocolate was very creamy and milky. It was also really thick. Since the hazelnuts were roasted, it tasted a bit like almonds but with a hazelnut after taste. This however doesn't really taste any different than any other hazelnut chocolate bar I've tried.

I'm still trying to get the hang of this reviewing stuff... =)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Out To Eat: Coco Swirl.

I know, its been a lonnnng while! I've been so busy with work sucking up all my days. Literally. I havent had time to do anything. But I'm trying to keep up with this blog the best I can!

There's this place in Concord that was announced like, last year and I've been waiting for its opening. And the day is finally here! We found out it was opened and went to try it out! The place is called Coco Swirl.

Since I tried Red Mango (actually before Red Mango when I tried frozen yogurt from Lollicup) I've been hooked! We tried this place in SF that was also self serve and I was disappointed that the frozen yogurt wasnt tarty.

We got Vanilla and Mango. Topped with Mango, Lychee, Mochi & Gummy Bears.

It was delicious!!! And pretty cheap. $.40 an ounce. Both the vanilla and mango were tarty. So I was happy =). I'm pretty excited about it, its right next to my school yay!

I'll try to blog more tomorrow, my day off before I go back to work!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Out To Eat: Red Mango!

I'm itching to try Pinkberry. And after looking it up one night I got directed to a site for a place called Red Mango that's suppose to be like Pinkberry. I click on a few more sites and find that they're rivals. Review sites say that Red Mango is better than Pinkberry! No way! I notice there's a Red Mango location to open soon in my area (well, two hours away from my area anyway...) and end up a bit bummed. A friend of mine then told me that there actually is one in our area (well two and a half hours away lol) so I just have to go there & see for myself!

The drive there was long, and irritating since it was on a very narrow and crowded street. But we did find the place!

My boyfriend & I got a medium original with mango, strawberries and fruity pebbles (he actually guessed I was gonna say fruity pebbles and got it right. How he figured, I dont know lol). I didnt think that it was gonna taste well together, but I was pretty surprised at how it did. The mango was extremely fresh. And the frozen yogurt was delicious. OMG I can still taste it now lol.

I will totally be returning (or waiting for the closer location to open)!