Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Out To Eat: Red Mango!

I'm itching to try Pinkberry. And after looking it up one night I got directed to a site for a place called Red Mango that's suppose to be like Pinkberry. I click on a few more sites and find that they're rivals. Review sites say that Red Mango is better than Pinkberry! No way! I notice there's a Red Mango location to open soon in my area (well, two hours away from my area anyway...) and end up a bit bummed. A friend of mine then told me that there actually is one in our area (well two and a half hours away lol) so I just have to go there & see for myself!

The drive there was long, and irritating since it was on a very narrow and crowded street. But we did find the place!

My boyfriend & I got a medium original with mango, strawberries and fruity pebbles (he actually guessed I was gonna say fruity pebbles and got it right. How he figured, I dont know lol). I didnt think that it was gonna taste well together, but I was pretty surprised at how it did. The mango was extremely fresh. And the frozen yogurt was delicious. OMG I can still taste it now lol.

I will totally be returning (or waiting for the closer location to open)!