Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out To Eat: Pinkberry.

Sometime last year, I figured out that Santa Row (San Jose, CA) was opening a Pinkberry. Imagine my excitement to know that Pinkberry would be reachable, finally! I kept track of the website and the yelp site to find out it's grand opening. I decided to go three weeks to a month after it's grand opening considering how busy it would be.

I ended up getting the original with mango, mochi & fruity pebbles. I seriously need to venture out into different toppings lol.

The original was tarty, but not as tarty as other places I've tried. Their mochi was really fluffy! It was delicious! The mango was really sweet and fresh. I kinda liked it better without the fruity pebbles, the fp kinda made it more tarty. Where as the mochi and mango made it more creamy.

I totally get why people call this place Crackberry now lol.


Chef Ray said...

hhmm... yogurt...