Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out To Eat: Cold Stone Sundae - Strawberry Funnel Cake

Cold Stone Creamery came out with these new sundae's. I cant remember exactly what they're called (and I cant find any info online) but I'm gonna take a guess and say that it was something along the lines for "Hot Sundae".

They have a few other selections. One being a Churro sundae, a brownie sundae, a caramel apple sundae, an apple cake sundae and I think there was another selection. I hope to try more of these!

The Strawberry Funnel Cake sundae normally comes with french vanilla ice cream but my husband wanted cheesecake instead. So okay, sure. Lets try it with cheesecake! Honestly to me, there wasnt much of a difference. The cheesecake made everything creamy, but it wasnt a huge difference. As for the sundae itself, the funnel cake was mini sized (which I dont mind, I can never finish an entire funnel cake on my own anyway), the strawberries were a bit soggy and there could had been more powdered sugar. It wasnt as sweet as your normal funnel cake with ice cream but it was a nice little mini treat.


Angela said...

This looks amazing. I havent been to Cold Stones in years!

Claire ( said...

i'm craving ice cream right now, I might have to go to coldstone... :)

Marie said...

@Angela - Same here! I HAD to go in when I saw these displayed on the window!!

@Claire - Hehe! They have a bunch of other sundae's they offer as well!